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executive coach - career counselor - positive psychology speaker, educator, and consultant

Everything I do centers around helping people change.
Whether it's a change we initiate or a change that is thrust upon us, we all need to know how to adjust, adapt, and continue to find meaning, purpose, and happiness in our personal and professional lives.
With my corporate leadership experience and education, I can help you respond well to change and "spiral up" in positive, productive ways as you discover what's next.
As a graduate of the inaugural class of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, I will help you find more meaning, purpose, and joy in your life and in your life's work -- for you, your team or family and your organization.

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Background and Experience

My career has focused primarily on corporate training and development, human resources, and talent management in the Washington, D.C. area at the American Red Cross, Fannie Mae and Balfour Beatty Construction Company.

I am now using my career, education, and personal experience in three ways:

  • As an executive coach 

  • As an outplacement and career counselor

  • As a positive psychology speaker, educator, and consultant

I help people respond well to change, and help individuals, teams, and organizations recover, rebuild, redirect, and thrive in the midst of change.

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executive coach - career counselor - positive psychology speaker, educator, and consultant



Unlock your potential

I can help you explore what is preventing you from advancing in your personal and professional life by listening intently to what you want and need to help you succeed -- whether it's managing or relating better to people, balancing or better understanding your many complex roles or maximizing your influence and effectiveness in your organization. I will help create awareness and propel you to actions that can help you unlock your potential.


Find what's next

If you are trying to move to the next level in your career or need help making a career change, I can help. I've coached hundreds of clients and guided them through the transition period between jobs, helping them discover and launch new careers and professional opportunities. I also can provide the executive professional development skills you need. Whether it's a new resume, a promotion or a new career, I've got you covered.



Discover deeper meaning and purpose

Psychology -- the science and study of the human mind and its functions -- plays a tremendously important role in your overall happiness and productivity in life. Positive psychology is the study of well-being and how to improve it. It is more than positive thinking.  I help individuals and organizations discover how applying the principles of positive psychology can create more happiness and positive emotions in life. 

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As CEO of NENA: The 9-1-1 Association, the goal is to advance emergency communications and the well-being of 9-1-1 professionals. Doug, an excellent, inspiring speaker and teacher, is making a valuable contribution to the mental health of 9-1-1 professionals and also providing important work/life balance tools to help manage job-related stress. Doug was a well-received speaker at our annual conference, and we have scheduled Doug to make additional, valuable presentations in the future.

"Doug joined us for a leadership team retreat and taught my senior leadership team some key principles of positive psychology that I believe will help us improve in our business and in our personal lives. I've attended a few of his seminars and I've always come out with concrete lessons that have benefitted me in my profession, volunteer work, personal, and family life. I highly recommend him!”

Brian Fontes

Steven Hafen

If you want a trusted adviser and nuanced, deep coach, you'll want Doug. Doug has been a coach with Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching for years. We lean on him for all our most senior and most critical engagements... Doug has an ability to allow the leaders that he coaches to see themselves with a bit of humor and humility and relaxation, to see themselves as people who can improve. Doug is a trusted advisor and champion for so many leaders across huge high-tech companies.

Doug is amazing at drawing out a positive introspective view by his clients as he draws them in to reflect on their personal attributes and skills. As a result of his work, his clients see how to shape their personal skill sets in a way that pushes clients to heights not seen. I know that was -- is -- the case with me. He helped me refine my personal brand image and how to communicate the message with words. My personal brand messaging is far more descriptive and concise than it was before working with him.

Senia Maymin

Adrian Morgan

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