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Are you "responding well" to change?

Responding to changes is part of being human.

People change jobs, change geographies, change friends, change plans, and more recently, our routines have changed because of circumstances beyond our control.

Focusing on positive actions that are completely within our control allows us to respond well and even thrive in the midst of life’s challenges.

The science and research related to human well-being have identified five essential components for daily and long-term happiness. These components also provide a road map for responding well to unexpected and challenging changes – large and small. To respond well as you experience unexpected changes, choose at least one or two of the components below, ask and answer the associated questions in the morning, and then record the results of the day before you go to bed.

As you focus on one or two of these components you will notice an improvement in the others – they all feed each other!

Do this consistently and you will feel more hopeful, productive, creative, and optimistic. You will also feel less depressed, helpless, and sad. You can grow and develop in all of these components by making the choice to do the associated exercise.


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